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The member accountants and consultancy firms in the international HLB network are in the top 12 of their country, and they are widely respected in their market area. The mutual contact has been arranged properly, for example there are regular meetings and international knowhow is exchanged. HLB International also provides news bulletins, and professional information is easily accessible to all on the global Intranet. 

The five Dutch HLB organisations that together make up HLB Nederland, are represented in the Council of HLB International with two members. 

  • Corney Versteden, Council Member


    Corney Versteden, fiscal specialist at HLB Van Daal & Partners and Council Member HLB International
    “Entrepreneurs are people with drive, vision, and zest. They put things in motion and want to build something. They’re special people to work with. As fiscal specialist I help them first and foremost with taxation, forms and international regulations. However, there’s more because an entrepreneur wants more than checking the annual accounts or completing a tax return. The Tax Authorities do that... We ensure the client has no concerns whilst making national or international moves.”

  • Rob Meijer, Alternate Council Member


    Rob Meijer, accountant at HLB Den Hartog and Alternate Council Member HLB International
    “HLB is close to entrepreneurs.Many of our clients are medium-sized companies, and they’re often family businesses. That creates a special dynamic I like to work with. You’re incredibly involved.I believe it is important to think together with the entrepreneur and to support him or her as an independent expert during acquisitions, mergers and changes.You’re almost developing together with the entrepreneur. I’d say that's the strength of HLB.”

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