About HLB

Audits and reports are the foundation of accountancy, but HLB always goes the extra mile and immediately starts thinking about the future of your company. We bring our expertise as your financial adviser to bear, but use your perspective as well as a business-administration, fiscal and legal point of view. Practical, adroit and with knowledge of the market areas in which you operate. Enterprising, just like you.

HLB Nederland offers a broad range of services - from auditing financial statements to specialised services such as business valuation and optimising your organisation's tax affairs to solving investment issues. We are mainly focused on SMEs and non-profit organisations.

Enterprising, just like you
You can expect the accountants, fiscal experts and legal advisers of HLB Nederland to be proper, adroit and pragmatic in dealing with your questions. Our professionals know what drives you, how your market works. On the basis of that position and supported by their expertise they think together with you, without ever taking control.

Personal approach
Our professionals realise that service and personal attention are just as important as knowledge and expertise. That is why our lines of communication are so short - you always deal with the consultant who knows your files inside out.

Local attention
The Dutch HLB offices have strong regional roots. We know the dynamics of local companies. We support them with a national network of more than 15 offices with all the necessary expertise.

Global support
With the global network of HLB International we can help you to do cross-border business in more than 150 countries.