HLB Van Daal

Local roots, global collaboration

As an entrepreneur you want to be prepared for the future. You want to pursue your personal goals and dreams and make the right business decisions. HLB Van Daal has developed a unique tool for this purpose: the HLB Challenge & Control programme. It generates insights to help you achieve your goals.

You start with an in-depth discussion with our specialist who looks further than figures. We work together to help you strike gold. What do you need to be alert to and where are the opportunities? This is followed by an analysis based on the eight attention areas highlighted in the HLB Challenge & Control programme.

Seeking value with the HLB Van Daal coaches

Our coaches’ ability to seek value - together with you - is unrivalled. There are all kinds of ways in which that value can express itself. Being able to rely on reliable accounting and efficient underlying processes. Continuously monitoring your company and adapting to current insights. Being fully compliant. Understanding your investment need. Having a clear picture of the future. Making business and strategic decisions based on substantive, properly substantiated advice. HLB Van Daal analyses the numbers, filters data and researches opportunities. Take the driver’s seat like never before with HLB Van Daal's Challenge & Control programme. HLB Van Daal looks behind the figures, filters the data and explores the opportunities. The HLB Van Daal Challenge & Control programme places you as an entrepreneur in the ‘driver’s seat’ more than ever before.

Specialisms include agri food and mergers / acquisitions

Apart from accountancy, business consulting, audit, tax and wage administration services, HLB Van Daal is specialized in specific industries including agri & food. Our agrifood consultants usually have an agricultural education or background; in addition, we greatly invest in knowledge. Also, HLB Van Daal can offer the specialization of merger, acquisition and business transfer support through the partnered HLB Matchers company. With our complete package of services, we are optimally positioned to assist our clients.

Together We Make It Happen