HLB Nederland is a powerful partnership consisting of five independent accounting firms. Active all across the Netherlands. Our team of over 425 accountants, tax specialists, legal experts, consultants and (other) specialists share their expertise with one another on a daily basis. And within the global network of HLB International. 

We know what is going on in your region and your market. And most importantly, our personal approach ensures that we know all about your dreams and ambitions. We help achieve your business and personal goals with sound advice and professional support. As well as increase your organization’s success. Together we make it happen.

HLB Nederland: ‘Together we make it happen’

As an entrepreneur you work at your company, but you want to work on your company as well. You’re thinking about today but want to focus on tomorrow and the day after. You want to excel in your business. You want to deliver quality. Grow. Increase revenue and efficiency. In order to achieve all your dreams, ambitions and objectives, a solid partner is required. HLB Netherlands’ consultants, accountants, legal experts and tax specialists are there to assist you.

HLB helps accomplish your goals

With strategic advice, innovative IT services, legal advice, administrative and HR services and specialist knowledge in terms of subsidies and not-for-profit, HLB is your one-stop partner. We help accomplish your business and personal goals. As well as increase your organization’s success. ‘Together we make it happen’

Network of independent accounting firms

HLB Nederland is a powerful network of 5 accounting firms all across the Netherlands: HLB Amsterdam, HLB Blömer, HLB Den Hartog, HLB Nannen and HLB Van Daal. These 5 HLB offices totalling 16 branch offices operate independently and each one is its own independent legal entity. However, over 425 professionals share their expertise amongst one another on a daily basis. In addition, we co-invest in education, training and innovative solutions. 

International network: active in over 150 countries

We actively collaborate within the Netherlands as well as globally. The international HLB network spans 700 offices in over 150 countries. Our local consultants, accountants and tax specialists know what is going on. Regionally, nationally and internationally. This greatly benefits your organization.

HLB Nederland Management

Each HLB office is represented in the HLB Nederland management board: 

Esther van Huizen, Board Secretary
Hans Barneveld, HLB Amsterdam
Rob Meijer, HLB Den Hartog (also HLB International Council Member)
Frank Verleg, HLB Blömer
Erik van der Haar, HLB Van Daal (also HLB International Council Member)
Johan Bodde, HLB Nannen

You can reach the board at

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