About HLB

HLB Nederland is a national affiliation of three independent and autonomous accounting firms, each with their own dedicated operating region.

More than 375 professionals - accountants, fiscal experts, lawyers and consultants - know you, your region and your business; they know what drives you and act accordingly. Short lines of communication and local market expertise, combined with our national and international knowledge and expertise network, guarantee tailored advice and solutions.


"If you would have the option to pay less tax based on the normal tax laws, would you do that?"

Maybe you wonder what kind of question is that? It appears to be a very normal question nowadays.

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Doing Business in...

In order to serve our clients with international aspirations or cross-border business contacts in the best possible way, we have compiled brochures for a range of different countries - Doing business in… They contain a general description of the relevant facts, rules, laws, business-economic structures, obligations and organisational

matters for the country in question. The brochures provide an indication of what you may expect.