Boostin is a young, innovative organisation with a passion for getting the best out of people and organisations. Our expertise is at the cutting edge of strategy, data analysis and business optimising. We work in close collaboration with accounting firms, innovative knowledge partners, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

What we do:

1. Scan: We are the strategic partner of your business, and your financial expert, and we challenge you in terms of strategy, offer insights into unutilised potential, and bring focus and enrichment to business strategies and targets.

2. Dashboard: We complement internal financial experts in the areas of data analysis and the creation of effective, action-oriented dashboards to support audits and risk management, as well as improvements in operational management.

3. Implementation: We are your implementation partner, and we take ownership for actualising your objectives. We do this in collaboration with leading knowledge partners in the areas of digitalisation and innovation.