HLB Blömer

HLB Blömer: involved and professional

HLB Blömer: involved and professional

Our team of around 80 involved and professional specialists supports over 1,000 entrepreneurs in word and deed on a daily basis. Quality and progressiveness are our core values. Apart from services in accounting, business consulting, audit and wage administration, HLB Blömer is specialized in supporting business transfer, IT audit and data analysis, estate planning (family office) and asset management, assisting in business funding procedures, subsidies, not-for-profit and international business.

The partner for entrepreneurs for over a century

HLB Blömer has been representing involved partnership, reliability and integrity for over a century. HLB Blömer's history goes back to 1917 when Mr. F.A. Blömer RA founded an accounting firm in Utrecht. Led by Mr. Blömer, his son Joost and subsequent successors, we expanded to become a leading accounting firm in the Utrecht region. In 2017, festivities marked our 100-year anniversary.

Regional office with international network

In 2015 we joined HLB Netherlands and HLB International. Though we remain an independent and regional accounting firm, this move has given us the impact and expertise of an international accounting firm. This greatly benefits your organization.

HLB Blömer and socially responsible entrepreneurship

We are highly socially involved both locally and regionally. This is why we deploy our specialist knowledge and human resources for the benefit of charities and social projects on a regular basis. We’ve supported various organizations for years, including My Book Buddy, Stichting Leergeld, Stichting Soda Producties, Stedelijk Museum Vianen and De Kom Stadstheater Nieuwegein. We have also joined Samen for Nieuwegein. Using our network of involved entrepreneurs, we connect companies, municipalities and organizations to help execute projects of social significance. We want to help make a difference and this is our way of contributing.