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Business financing processes

Business financing processes

The worlds of banking and finance are changing. That means as SME entrepreneur you have a pressing need for professional and independent guidance, for example, in financing or re-financing processes.

Many business people find out about the difficult economic circumstances the hard way – by experience. That can have consequences for your relations with your financers. Often you as entrepreneur find yourself alone and lack the necessary guidance in discussions with these financers. You also spend more time searching for solutions to your financing problems. The market for financing is growing rapidly, and in addition to the big banks, there are many more alternative possibilities for financing. In order to accelerate your quest for financing, you need guidance. HLB Blömer accounting and advising offers that guidance in collaboration with MKBFinnovatie.

The advisors of MKBFinnovatie have looked into the workings of hundreds of companies. They have extensive financial experience. And they speak the language of the financer as well as of your company. MKBFinnovatie thus ultimately stands for successful financing – finding creative solutions for situations with both opportunities and challenges. MKBFinnovatie works in close collaboration with Credion.     

Joost Sterk

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