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The not-for-profit sector demands professionals with knowledge of the specific requirements of this sector. You can trust our experts.

Annual figures, complex laws and regulations, budget cuts, subsidies. The same problems are operative for non-profit organisations as in for-profit industries. But there are very clear differences. What do you do when a subsidy is cut? And when can you setoff VAT? What should you do when the budget doesn’t balance? HLB Blömer accounting and advising can answer these kinds of questions. We offer support in accounting, auditing and advising to a wide range of not-for-profit organisations and institutions. By combining our knowledge of entrepreneurship with insight into the latest regulations, we can help you take the right steps in the field of finances. This gives you oversight and peace of mind.

Jeroen Witteveen

Contact drs. J.N. (Jeroen) Witteveen RA, Partner immediately at HLB Blömer in Nieuwegein.

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drs. J.N. (Jeroen) Witteveen RA