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IT Audit and data analysis

IT Audit and data analysis

Developments in the area of IT are always moving at an accelerated pace. This gives you lots of new opportunities, but also challenges. Our aim is to offer as complete an IT service provision as possible. Should it happen that we don’t have the expertise in house, then we join forces with carefully selected partners. That means you can come to us with all your IT-related questions and we’ll help you move forward.

Linking applications, increasing growth of historical data, financial and operational dashboards: these are all developments that can help you as entrepreneur do business more effectively and efficiently. The magnitude and speed of changes in this area might also make it more difficult for you to choose the right path. These challenges are multiplied by the accompanying risks around privacy and cyber security. We are here to support you.

Our service provision in both the assessment and practical composition is on the move. Based on data analysis and actual visualisations of financial and operational data, we have become better equipped to assess and implement a different kind of conversation with you. We look for reliable data, and in collaboration with you, zoom in on the potential for improvement that’s made visible by  the smart linking of data. That way we make the data work for you and for us. Our goal is to remain frontrunners in this field where the input of our IT specialists is essential.

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Contact M.J.A.N. (Marc) Nederend MSc RA, Partner immediately at HLB Blömer in Nieuwegein.

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M.J.A.N. (Marc) Nederend MSc RA